Definitions for "Catcher"
The player who stands behind the batsman to catch the ball.
For the goalie, this is a glove (which looks like a fancy first-baseman's mitt) that goes on the non-stick hand.
(baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher
a member of a trapeze act who catches the flyers
A gymnast performing in an aerial act (mainly in flight act) who, having arranged himself on apparatus (eg. trapeze), grasps it with his legs (by its side ropes) or hangs on elbow support (in loping or frame) head down and, being in such position, catches and tosses the partners who are performing flights from the catcher's hands onto trapezes and flying back.
The element in the printhead of a continuous jet system which catches the unwanted droplets before they reach the paper. These vary in form and construction but the function is the same. The intercepted droplets (see Continuous Inkjet) are usually re-circulated after being treated to remove air and particulate matter. In addition, the evaporated solvent is replaced.
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see spotter
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Catcher is a v4l motion-detector for KDE.
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One who, or that which, catches.