Definitions for "catatonia"
an abnormal behavioral syndrome characterized by stupor, negativism, and muscular rigidity, sometimes alternating with purposeless excitement, and seen most frequently in schizophrenia; called also catatonic schizophrenia.
Reaction of lack of motor activity or extremes of motor activity including negativism.
muscle rigidity or inflexibility. Seen in times of extreme fear or in some forms of psychosis.
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Catatonia were a popular music band from Wales who gained a national following in the United Kingdom in the mid-late 1990s. The band consisted of Cerys Matthews on vocals, Mark Roberts on guitar, Paul Jones on bass (both now members of Y Ffyrc, and former members of Sherbet Antlers and Y Cyrff), Owen Powell (who is a judge on 'Wawffactor' - akin to a Welsh X-factor) on guitar, and Aled Richards (who now drums for Amy Wadge) on drums. Roberts was the main songwriter.
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Being unresponsive while awake.