Definitions for "Cataract"
An opacity of the crystalline lens, or of its capsule, which prevents the passage of the rays of light and impairs or destroys the sight.
opacity/opaqueness of the lens or capsule of the eye, which dimishes or destroys sight.
a condition where the lens of the eye is cloudy. It is the most common cause of blindness in the world. The condition is painless.
A great fall of water over a precipice; a large waterfall.
A waterfall with a single, sheer drop. Usually with a large volume of water flowing over the falls.
series of rapids or waterfalls on a large river.
Keratomileusis Renovascular
Keratomileusis Retina
Lupus Sarcoidosis
Lupus Thermoregulation
Intraocular Riboflavin
Localization Riboflavin
Keywords:  shunt, malformation, jaundice
Jaundice Shunt
Malformation Shunt
Keywords:  keratosis, scabies
Keratosis Scabies
Keywords:  symptomatic, juniper
Juniper Symptomatic
Keywords:  ligation, saliva
Ligation Saliva
Keywords:  selenium
Keywords:  sigmoid, iris
Iris Sigmoid
Keywords:  sialorrhea, lubrication
Lubrication Sialorrhea
Intestinal Sympathomimetic
Keywords:  lacrimal, secretion
Lacrimal Secretion
Keywords:  intrathecal, progression
Intrathecal Progression
an outpatient procedure generally performed with either an argon laser trabeculoplasty is newer technology that uses a
Keywords:  spermicide, inflammation
Inflammation Spermicide
Keywords:  whitish, discoloration
a whitish discoloration
Interstitial Respiratory
Keywords:  serum, malignant
Malignant Serum
A kind of hydraulic brake for regulating the action of pumping engines and other machines; -- sometimes called dashpot.
Keywords:  metalcore, swiss, blade, band, signed
Cataract is a Swiss metalcore band, signed to Metal Blade Records.
Keywords:  rheumatoid, indicative
Indicative Rheumatoid
Keywords:  induction
Keywords:  sneezing, insulin
Insulin Sneezing
Keywords:  silicon
Keywords:  solubility
I.V. Solubility
Keywords:  spectrum
Keywords:  lesion, standardize
Lesion Standardize
Keywords:  clarity, normal, structure, change
a change in the normal structure and clarity
a hard substance floating in a fluid medium
Keywords:  successful, operation
a very successful operation
Keywords:  aging, normal, result
a result of normal aging