Definitions for "Cataloguing"
Creating a record according to specific and uniform principles of construction. Museum cataloguing usually includes details of any numbers assigned to the object; the object name; details of manufacture; history and use; storage location; physical condition; and often some form of classification.
process of describing a bibliographic item so it can be recorded and searched in a catalogue and located in a collection. Library cataloguers also assign classification symbols (numerals, as in the Dewey Decimal system, or a combination of letters and numerals as in the Library of Congress Classification System ), so that items on the same topic are located together. Cataloguers also assign appropriate subject headings (controlled terms) and subheadings from the Library of Congress Subject Headings list.
The process of describing an item in the collection, and assigning entry headings, subject headings, and a classification number.
The process of arrangement and description of archives to produce a structured list or catalogue, usually prefaced with an outline history of the documents and their originator/s, which enables users to locate the documents they need.
Projects and initiatives that produce descriptions of archival collections