Definitions for "Caster"
Keywords:  swivel, steer, rearward, pivot, tilt
A small wheel on a swivel, on which furniture is supported and moved.
A wheel mounted in a swivel frame.
Angle between an imaginary vertical line drawn through the wheel centre and a line through the kingpin or its equivalent, as seen in side elevation.
Keywords:  mage, magic, spells, heal, character
Mage class, player that casts spells.
A character that is not a "Tank" such as a Mage.
A class or specific character that is suited to casting non-healing magic spells.
Keywords:  cruet, vial, condiments, set, vessel
A vial, cruet, or other small vessel, used to contain condiments at the table; as, a set of casters.
A stand to hold a set of cruets.
A pierced-top container used to dispense salt, sugar or sand.
a shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling powdered sugar
A pieced used to dispense salt, sugar or sand.
Keywords:  ewer, caudle, cellini, cup
Casting Caudle Cup Cellini Ewer
Keywords:  archetype
Caster Archetype
a either a sorcerer or a wizard - I use this term to refer to them collectively
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Keywords:  mpire, algorithm, rendering, ray, comes
One of the rendering engines that can be used with MPIRE. The name comes from the algorithm used to perform the rendering of an image (the ray casting algorithm).
Keywords:  torque, flag, pits, green
Green flag Pits Torque
Keywords:  cannon, stones, accounts, one
One who casts; as, caster of stones, etc. ; a caster of cannon; a caster of accounts.
Keywords:  enemy, throwing, attacks, damage, range
a unit that's especially good at throwing long-range damage attacks at the enemy
a worker who casts molten metal into finished products