Definitions for "Cast-coated"
Paper or board with a particularly high gloss. This is obtained not by calendering, but by rolling the moist or specially moistened printing material with a chrome-plated drying cylinder polished to high gloss. Cast-coated papers have a shiny mirrored surface.
High quality, very glossy paper made by pressing the coating against a polished drum while the coating is still wet. Cast-coated papers have the best ink holdout of any papers.
This type of coating is a unique process when compared to all other processes of coating papers. The process of cast-coating begins with the base paper stock receiving a very precisely metered even amount of a specially formulated coating and then the paper with the coating is wrapped against a very large, highly polished, rotating, Chromium plated dryer drum that is absolutely smooth with a mirror shine. This drum is very warm and quickly dries the coating to the paper. This mirror image from the drum is then reflective on the surface of the paper giving it a very high shiny or glossy look to it. Cast-coating material is a very porous product and is ideal for the making of photo inkjet paper. Its ability to receive the ink and maintain low ink bleed allows you to get very good dot resolution or very clean clear printed photos.