Definitions for "Casing"
Keywords:  jamb, trim, mould, door, inclosing
The act or process of inclosing in, or covering with, a case or thin substance, as plaster, boards, etc.
An inclosing frame; esp. the framework around a door or a window. See Case, n., 4.
molding used as a trim around window and door jambs.
Keywords:  borehole, caving, drill, cement, pipe
Steel pipe which screws together and is lowered into the hole after drilling is complete. It is used to seal off fluids and keeps the hole from caving in.
Steel pipe used in wells to seal the borehole from formation fluids and reinforce the walls of the borehole.
A pipe used to line bore holes through which a pipe(s) called carrier pipes or ducts are installed. Usually not a Product Pipe.
Keywords:  hem, drawstring, elastic, encase, cuff
Fabric envelope of sorts for encasing elastic, a drawstring, or similar material, usually along a waistline, cuff, hem. General sewing term.
Hem or tuck through which elastic or ties are threaded.
A tunnel that's made from two layers or an edge of fabric that's folded over. You use it to hold a drawstring or elastic.
The structure of tire cords locked around wire beads.
the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire
The whole tire generally in a worn state suitable for retreading.
The pressure containing stationary element that encloses the rotor and associated internal components of a compressor, including integral inlet and discharge connections. ( 020)
The element that houses the rotor and related internal components of an air compressor. This includes the integral inlet and discharge connections.
The body of the pump which encloses the impeller, syn volute .
The term for what sausages are stuffed in. They are either natural casings, which come from the intestines of sheep, hogs, or cattle; or be synthetic. The natural casings are technically edible, but the larger ones are too tough to eat. Synthetic casings are not edible.
A covering of sheets of metal or other material such as fire resistant composition board used to enclose all or a portion of a steam-generating unit.
An outside covering, for protection or ornament, or to precent the radiation of heat.
the housing or outer covering of something; "the clock has a walnut case"
Some mushrooms need a covering layer of soil with a specific microflora for Fruiting. Casing materials include Peat, coco Coir and Vermiculite with addition of Limestone and crushed oystershells
Keywords:  bead, gob, reheating, cameo, preformed
Covering the entire surface of the work with glass, using clear glass on beads, and generally a neutral color on mosaic work.
The application of a layer of glass over a layer of contrasting color. The gaffer either gathers one layer over another gather, or inflates a gob of hot glass inside a preformed blank of another color. The two components adhere and are inflated together (perhaps with frequent reheating) until they have the desired form. Sometimes, the upper layer is carved, cut, or acid-etched to produce cameo glass.
It is created when an additional layer of glass is placed over and existing layer of another color.
A process of spraying tobacco after it has been dried. This moisture makes the leaves pliable so that they can be rolled into cigars.
Material used to surround partially or completely a structural member for fire resistance or decorative purposes. (Concrete casing, spray casing, board casing.)
An integral part of an aromatic tobacco blend. Casing, also referred to as "sauce" is the mixture of aromatic compounds, flavorings, and binding agents sprayed on aromatic blends.
The metal setting that holds a gemstone in place. A white and yellow gold clasp set with brilliant diamonds. By Deambrogio of Valenza, it is designed with three different types of setting: pave, invisible, rub-over.
A casing, also called case or the brass, is the part of a cartridge that contains the gunpowder charge, the primer, and the bullet. After a shot is fired, the casing is empty because its gunpowder charge has burned, the primer has been used and the bullet has been propelled. The empty case is often ejected automatically.
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Boards that make a dubious publication appear upright. See SPINE.
The casing of a submarine is a light metal structure, usually incorporating a deck, built-up and-over the upper surface of the vessel's pressure hull.
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a long rectangle that ends up wrong sides together, sewn along its free ends
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see half coat
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Alternate term for binding ( see: binding)
Process of inserting and fixing a watch movement into its case.