Definitions for "Cashmere"
Keywords:  goat, kashmir, tibet, shawls, iraq
A rich stuff for shawls, scarfs, etc., originally made in Cashmere from the soft wool found beneath the hair of the goats of Cashmere, Tibet, and the Himalayas. Some cashmere, of fine quality, is richly embroidered for sale to Europeans.
A dress fabric made of fine wool, or of fine wool and cotton, in imitation of the original cashmere.
a soft fabric made of the wool grown beneath the outer hair of the Cashmere goat in Tibet and the Kashmir province in India. It is popular because of its softness.
Keywords:  mirage, gloss, glossy, matte, least
Mirage's name for its matte finish. This is the least glossy of all Mirage finishes. Cashmere finish is 10° gloss.