Definitions for "Cash and carry"
Cash and Carry is a 1937 Three Stooges short, their 25th for Columbia Pictures. Involving the Stooges as miners helping a crippled orphan get money for his leg surgery, this film is notable for showing an uncharacteristically sentimental side to the comedy team.
Cash and Carry was one of the earliest television quiz shows. It began airing on the Du Mont Television Network on June 20, 1946 and ran until July 1, 1947. At the time, it was the only program run on Thursday nights on the DuMont network.
An option or futures trading strategy involving the purchase of actual stock or a commodity and the simultaneous writing of an option against the stock of the sale of the commodity forward.
policy adopted by the United States in 1939 to preserve neutrality while aiding the Allies. Britain and France could buy goods from the United States if they paid in full and transported them.
An investment strategy through which the speculator buys spot for immediate payment and delivery while simultaneously sells a futures contract. The cost of holding the spot gold is offset by the contango associated with the forward transaction.
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