Definitions for "cash advance"
A loan taken out against a line of credit, credit card or expected income--typically...
A loan taken out on a line of credit or a credit card.
A cash loan requested from your creditor, usually through using your credit card at an ATM machine. Or a loan advance on your paycheck. These loans include special interest rates charged on the amount of the advance.
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a fast and easy way to put yourself in the place you need to be so you can experience San Jose the way you want to
a financial option that people use when they are short on money and cannot wait to their next payday
a good way the consumer can get easy cash for their financial needs
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a check issued to an individual or vendor before a purchase
a short term loan between pay checks
a small, unsecured personal loan, which normally has a term of two or three weeks
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a great way to keep up with your bills
an option to finance your immediate purchases or to pay those due bills pending now
a perfect way to bring your finances back on track
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an amount paid before it is earned
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a financial service that allows an individual to borrow money for a fee when you need it the most