Definitions for "CASES"
a multitude of lengthy affidavits filed on both sides in which family members recount, usually in inadmissible form, their ancient grievances against each other
General term for an action, cause, suit, or controversy, at law or in equity; questions contested before a court of justice.
a matter on which many courts have spoken but in ways that may reasonably be understood as creating some unresolved conflicts
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a tricky business
In cytology, all of the cytologic material available for examination from a body site on a particular patient at a point in time uniquely identified as belonging to only one patient by an accession number.
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Cases are available for all popular cell phones. Cases protect the cell phone, and make carrying your phone easier. Cell phone cases are usually either cowhide leather, vinyl, or R.F. reflective material to protect your melon.
Computer cases, custom computer cases, plastic cases, carrying, wooden and aluminum computer case manufacturers.
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a turning point for the NHS in its fight against the superbug
a very sensitive problem to deal with
The people, places, and events you are studying - offenders, targets, victims, facilities, time periods (e.g., months or weeks), crimes, and so forth. In case-control studies, cases are the problem people, places, or events (see Case-control and Controls) 22, 32, 33, 37, 53
The literature of cases is created when judges decide who prevails among two or more parties with differing views of their rights and liabilities.
a necessary element of procedural fairness under the Fifth Amendment
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Automated Case Management System
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an important step
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a letter having as its typical form either the lower-case, e.g., a f g or b n i , or the upper-case, e.g., A F G or B N I.