Definitions for "Case study"
A detailed study of one particular example of a phenomenon which involves in-depth analysis of a particular individual’s behaviour.
A research method that involves the intensive examination of one person. go to glossary index
investigation of a technique used on a single person. Can lead to larger studies.
An investigation into an individual case.
An empirical investigation of a particular situation, such as a method of teaching a specific group of students during a specified period.
a common presentation style to help distance learning students see the application of a theoretical principle to a simulated or real-life situation
A scenario used to illustrate the application of a learning concept. May be either factual or hypothetical.
a narrative that recounts the factual history of an event or series of events
A scenario used as a tool to assess one's understanding of concepts or a body of knowledge.
a story, told with a wealth of accurate, detailed information, which offers students the opportunity to evaluate the information provided for importance and relevance, identify the problem situation and recognize the particulars relevant in defining the problem, formulate possible solutions for the problem, evaluate the possible solutions, selecting one solution, create a plan of action for implementing the chosen solution, and anticipate obstacles to the successful implementation of the solution.
an interactive session when the particiapants are provided with detailed information about a real-life situation
a short story about someone who has purchased a product or service and benefited from it
a report of a case involving a person with unusual or interesting medical characteristics (history/symptoms)
a report of a single example (generally this is an anecdote about one 'interesting' or 'unusual' person or situation)
a particular method of qualitati ke, Robert E
A brief fact sheet providing risk, cost, and performance information on alternative methods and other pollution prevention ideas, compliance initiatives, voluntary efforts, etc.
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a monoband SSB design offering very high dynamic range
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a really fancy testimonial
a sample application written for a fictitious organization applying for the Baldrige Award
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a teacher whom I call Cathy Swift
The medical or epidemiologic evaluation of a single person or a small number of individuals to determine descriptive information about their health status or potential for exposure through interview or biomedical testing.
a new curriculum developed to provide middle school students with an appreciation of the complexity of natural wetlands, the threats from exotic invaders, and the potential of biological control as a management tool
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a collection of detailed information that is used to test you with multiple questions
a detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time
an opportunity to tell readers about a project in enough detail that they can learn concrete information to apply to their own projects
a published article on the RedBalloon Corporate website and may also be used for promotional marketing purposes
a robust professional development design
a top-line summary of a public relations campaign from start to finish
an article from the High Technology Industry category
a close look at the oral language, reading, writing of one student