Definitions for "Case studies"
A data collection technique involving the examination of a limited number of specific cases or projects which the evaluator anticipates will be revealing about the programme as a whole. Case studies tend to be appropriate where it is extremely difficult to choose a sample large enough to be statistically generalisable to the population as a whole; where generalization is not important; where in-depth, usually descriptive data is required; and where the cases or projects to be studied are likely to be quite complex. See also case study designs, data collection.
are used to collect in-depth information about the experiences of a program on a single participant or site. A case study can simply be the story of one person’s experience related to a program
The study of actual events or conditions, at a point in time or over a longer period, and their interrelationships in the context where they occur.
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examples of staffing practices used by organisations within the sector. These practices were identified through the Staffing Practices Survey conducted by the Planning for Capability Project.