Definitions for "cartwheel"
the type of wheel used on a cart; it typically has wooden spokes and a metal rim.
an acrobatic maneuver in which the arms and legs are outstretched like the spokes of a wheel, and the body is turned sideways through one or more revolutions, by first touching the hands and then the feet to the ground, in rapid succession so as to mimic the rolling of a wheel; in the course of this feat, the person performing it is alternately upright and upside-down.
a silver dollar; a dollar made of silver.
A name for the large British Penny and Twopenny struck in Birmingham and dated 1797. So called due to the large rim around the edge and the resemblance to a Cartwheel. Shown in Illustration 2, top of page.
British twopence and penny copper coinage of 1797 struck at the Soho Mint. Their size and weight made them unpopular with the public.
A term used to describe the brilliant, coruscating luster often seen on uncirculated white or brilliant coinage.
flipping a boat end for end in a hydraulic
A "double ender" + a "smash" a transition move from bow to stern to bow, or reverse - stern to bow to stern. Each end that is brought into the air is a "point" ie, bow, stern, bow, stern is a four "point" cartwheel.
A playboating move where the boat spins round the paddler in the vertical plane.
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Woman's hat with very wide, stiff brim and low crown. Usually of straw.
a very wide brimmed hat.
A particular type of aerial manoeuvre
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An options spread that is long (short) a ratio call spread and short (long) a ratio put spread.
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to perform a cartwheel{2}.