Definitions for "Carotene"
An orange-yellow to red pigment extracted from plants (such as carrots and squash). When eaten, it is converted to vitamin A by the liver.
Orange or red compounds that occur in plants or in the bodies of plant-eating animals, which are precursors to vitamin A. Essential for skin health.
a provitamin and an antioxidant that is converted by the body to vitamin A as needed. No RDA has been established for beta-carotene. You can find more information and obtain beta-carotene in our Nutri-Vite(tm) Mega Vitamins and PolyANTOX(tm).
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Lymphoma Seminoma
Lymphoma Sulfur
Induction Spectrum
Malabsorption Spectrum
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Insomnia Serum
Inflammation Sarcoidosis
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Insulin Reflux
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Lymphocyte Screening
A naturally occurring compound found in aged cigars.
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See Caroteniod.