Definitions for "Carnivore"
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A meat eating organism.
An animal that preys on other animals; especially any mammal of the Order Carnivora.
An animal that feeds on the flesh of other animals. (See PARASITISM and PREDATION.
A controversial FBI system to monitor e-mail and other traffic through Internet service providers.
An FBI project for monitoring email.
FBI's Internet surveillance system for monitoring e-mail.
Carnivore was a thrash metal band formed by Peter Steele (later of Type O Negative fame), and was formed out of the ruins of the Brooklyn hard rock group Fallout. They released two albums: "Carnivore" (1985) and "Retaliation" (1987). The band broke up not long thereafter, and Peter Steele formed Subzero, which would become Type O Negative.
Carnivore is the debut album by the Brooklyn thrash metal band of the same name. It was released on 1986 by Roadrunner Records.
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a person who steals purses from pockets and bags a building where you can borrow books
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One of the Carnivora.