Definitions for "CARD CATALOG"
The traditional library catalogue in which entries for authors, titles, and subjects are made on cards stored in drawers. Call number information is also given to aid patrons in finding materials. At Vanderbilt, only the Music Library maintains an active card catalog in addition to the online catalog.
The file of over six million cards on the first floor of Firestone, representing items cataloged for any location in the Princeton University Library system through the end of 1980. Most items included are books and serials, but the Card Catalog also contains records for some, though by no means all, government documents, microforms, and other types of material. In general, each item is represented by several cards to provide approaches by author, title, and subject. Cards are filed in a single alphabet, following complex filing rules. The previous term used for the Card Catalog was "Public Catalog 1" or "PC1". This is now in computerized image form, and called the "Electronic Card Catalog."
A card file which may be arranged in author, title, and subject sections. Materials owned by the library are listed alphabetically. Colorado State University has one card catalog left, a SHELFLIST for GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS.