Definitions for "carcinoma"
A form of malignant cancer arising from epithelial tissue. The term was earlier applied to all forms of cancer, or to certain non-malignant forms. It is contrasted with sarcoma, a malignant form of cancer arising from connective tissue. See Cancer.
a malignant tumor consisting of epithelial cells
A cancerous tumour.
Keywords:  riboflavin, iatrogenic, lymph
Lymph Riboflavin
Iatrogenic Riboflavin
Keywords:  lethal, tetanus, selenium
Lethal Selenium
Lethal Tetanus
Keywords:  infusion, purpura, proteins
Infusion Purpura
Infusion Proteins
Keywords:  lymphoma, sarcoma, secretion
Lymphoma Sarcoma
Lymphoma Secretion
Keywords:  ketoconazole, scabies
Ketoconazole Scabies
Keywords:  proctitis, infantile
Infantile Proctitis
Keywords:  itraconazole, rhinitis
Itraconazole Rhinitis
Lymphosarcoma Retinopathy
Keywords:  senna, ischemia
Ischemia Senna
Keywords:  inguinal, somatic
Inguinal Somatic
Keywords:  idiopathic, remission
Idiopathic Remission
Keywords:  serine, interstitial
Interstitial Serine
Keywords:  sinusitis
Keywords:  hypotension, recombinant
Hypotension Recombinant
Keywords:  subclinical, lipid
Lipid Subclinical
Keywords:  ileus, reflux
Ileus Reflux
cerebrovascular clinician compassionate use culture
Keywords:  spectrum, influenza, invasive
Influenza Spectrum
Invasive Spectrum
Keywords:  puberty, infertility
Infertility Puberty
Immunization Seroconversion
Intrinsic Proteins
Hypersecretion Proteins
Intestinal Proteins
Intestinal Rigidity
Intestinal Sclerosis
Irritants Species
Irritants Sensitization
Irritant Smoke
Keywords:  steroid, lymphocytic
Lymphocytic Steroid
Keywords:  induction
Keywords:  regeneration
Keywords:  ligament, skull
Ligament Skull
Keywords:  inflammation, species
Inflammation Species