Definitions for "Carboplatin"
Platinum containing anticancer agent.
a platinum based compound that is used as a cancer chemotherapeutic agent
(CAR-bo-pla-tin) Anticancer drug that belongs to the platinum family of chemotherapeutic agents. It is often used to treat ovarian and lung cancers, but may be used in the treatment of other types of cancers.
Ligament Riboflavin
Lamivudine Riboflavin
Intestinal Resected
Leucovorin Resection
Malignancy Refractory
Interstitial Refractory
Maxillary Rhabdomyosarcoma
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Interferon Rebeccamycin
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Letrozole Regimen
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Intrahepatic Recurrence
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Iritis Refraction
Lymphangiography Screening
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Infusion Randomized