Definitions for "Carbonate Hardness"
The part of the total hardness that is formed by the ions of carbonates(Co3) and hydrogen carbonate(HCo3). It is symbolized by dCH. It is important to know the dCH of your water, as it affects both the ph. and Carbon Dioxide amounts in your water. It is also commonly called "buffering capability". a dCH of 4 to 8 is fine for most fish.
A measure of carbonates and bicarbonates dissolved in the water. It is measured in degrees of hardness. Indicates the pH buffering capacity of the water.
carbonate water hardness. Compare with water hardness. Water hardness due to the presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates. The "noncarbonate hardness" is due mostly to calcium and magnesium sulfates, chlorides, and nitrates.