Definitions for "Caraway Seed"
Keywords:  parsley, bread, stews, cheese, anise
The curved, anise flavored seeds popular in German and Austrian cooking. Caraway is a member of the parsley family. The seeds are used as topping on breads and savory pastries, and as accompaniments to cabbage and goulash. Caraway is also employed in the making of certain cheeses and liqueurs.
Small brown seed of a herb in the parsley family. Used to flavour breads, stews, meats and vegetables. Also used in Indian cooking and is considered to improve digestion.
Caraway Seed is actually the fruit of a biennial herb in the parsley family, known as Carum carvi. The seed is about 1/5inch long and tapered at the ends. The hard seed shells have five pale ridges.
Helps increase gastric secretions to aid digestion, promotes gas elimination, and may have weak antispasmodic effects to help reduce gastrointestinal spasms.