Definitions for "Car"
The amount of a commodity underlying a commodity futures contract. The term...
A small vehicle moved on wheels; usually, one having but two wheels and drawn by one horse; a cart.
A vehicle adapted to the rails of a railroad.
Courtesy Amount Recognition. Refers to the specific reading of the amount field on a digital cehck image.
Courtesy Amount Recognition, refers to machine reading of the handwritten numerical amount on a check.
Courtesy Amount Recognition: Machine reading of the hand written numerical amount of a check.
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The cage of a lift or elevator.
The basket, box, or cage suspended from a balloon to contain passengers, ballast, etc.
a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway; "they took a cable car to the top of the mountain"
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Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative A reserve system displaying the features of comprehensiveness, adequacy and representativeness. Comprehensiveness—the degree to which the full range of ecological communities and their biological diversity are incorporated in the reserve system. Adequacy—the reserve system's ability to maintain the ecological viability and integrity of populations, species and communities. Representativeness—the extent to which areas selected for inclusion in the reserve system are capable of reflecting the known biological diversity and ecological patterns and processes of the ecological community or ecosystem concerned.
Capital adequacy ratio. refers to the ratio of capital to risk weighted assets computed in accordance with the risk-based capital adequacy framework (patterned after the 1988 Basel Capital Accord) that took into account credit risks, effective 1 July 2001 under BSP Circular No. 280 dated 29 March 2001. Under BSP Circular No. 360 dated 3 December 2002, which took effect 1 July 2003, applying only to universal/commercial banks, computation of CAR incorporates market risks in addition to credit risks.
Chief, Army Reserve
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The nine components that make up the train. Each contains two rows of two seats making a total of four seats per car. Cars are connected using ball-and-socket joints.
The part of a coaster train in which you sit.
The name given to an individual section of a coaster train, defined by seats on their own set of wheels.
Ferramentas de desenvolvimento e aplica��o de Reportagem Assistida por Computador. Develpment and application tools for Computer Assisted Reporting.
Computer Aided Repair. Computer system used to guide product repair.
Computer assisted retrieval. The use of a computer created and maintained index to access documentary material recorded on other media such as microfilm.
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LISP function that returns the first element of a list where the list cannot be the null-list.
Not an acronym. `Lisp' expression which refers to (and selects) the first item of a list held in a variable. See also `cdr'.
An American term for carriage or wagon.
A railway wagon, especially any of the wagons adapted to carrying coal, ore, and waste underground.
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a classic anti-commercialism jam featuring Jel's own vintage-style raps over a tense back beat of lo-bit drums, breaks loops, pulsing bass, cold tones and vocal samples
Car is a library and program for creating archives from sets of files and reading files from an archive. Archives are accessed with functions similar to the stdio functions in C . An archive can contain directories and symlinks.
Builds and maintains TRIMpl function libraries.
car suspended from an airship and carrying personnel and cargo and power plant
Load carrying carriage on a materials and personnel hoist.
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The stars also called Charles's Wain, the Great Bear, or the Dipper.
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Certified Advanced Rolfer. Designates a Certified Rolfer (CR) with at least three years' certification and continuing education credits who has completed additional course work from the Rolf Institute.
calcium receptor; a G protein-coupled cell surface receptor that enables parathyroid and other cells to detect and respond to small changes in extracellular calcium concentrations in order to maintain calcium levels in the blood within a narrow, tightly controlled range
Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
Colspan br b Cumulative Abnormal Return
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Crops at Risk (section 406 grants program through USDA CSREES)
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Alter who holds the body, who the cult alters "drive" as they influence him/her from behind. Typically is a front alter, but will be someone else if suicide programming has killed him/her.
The Team ID for the Carolina Panthers -- an expansion team that entered the league in 1995.
Clinical Attack Rate. The proportion of those who become clinically ill when exposed to the infectious agent - Normally expressed as a % CFR                                         Case Fatality Rate. The proportion of those who become clinically ill who die - Normally expressed as a
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Corrective action request. an action item that surfaces whereby the requesting party (either the OEM or EMS provider) asks the party responsible to conduct a root cause analysis and resolve the issue identified.
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Central African Republic.
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Cisco Access Registrar
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Coupons And Residuals
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Center Automotive Research
move fast
Committed Access Rate. CAR is a guaranteed level of service – the minimum speed at which a customer’s data will move through a network, measured in megabits per second. Real Broadband Service is measured in two parts: the connection rate capacity (how much traffic your connection can handle); and the CAR – the minimum speed at which the data will move.
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Census Agricultural Region
A car suggests advancement, a new lifestyle and is also powerful sexual symbol
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Critical Aquatic Resources
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A floating perforated box for living fish.
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Rigging Cardinal points Navigation
a drug, not unlike speed; concrete, distancing; death. See also walk.
Compounded annual rate of interest. Used by banks and building societies to give an annual comparison figure for accounts that pay interest monthly or half yearly.
A sliding fitting that attaches to a track allowing for the adjustment of blocks or other devices attached to the car.
A loosely used term to describe contract quantities.
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Caracas Stock Exchange CARDs