Definitions for "Capstan"
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A vertical cleated drum or cylinder, revolving on an upright spindle, and surmounted by a drumhead with sockets for bars or levers. It is much used, especially on shipboard, for moving or raising heavy weights or exerting great power by traction upon a rope or cable, passing around the drum. It is operated either by steam power or by a number of men walking around the capstan, each pushing on the end of a lever fixed in its socket.
a mechanical advantage to raise the anchor or lift heavy cargo from the hold. The crew inserts two long poles through the head and turns the device by walking about it while wrapping the line around the bottom.
Driven roll, wheel, drum, or drawblock used with one or more wraps to pull the wire
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This is the metal rod which together with the Pinch Roller pulls the tape through the VCR at a specified speed. Both items should be cleaned regularly so as to enure smooth tape transport. See also pinch roller.
A small rotating shaft which, when a pinch roller is pressed to it, pulls tape through a tape deck, past the erase, record, and play heads, and back into the tape shell. see also pinch roller
Part of a tape recorders transport system. In conjunction with the pinch roller, pulls the tape through the machine.
A form named after the devise used to tie a boat to a dock. In pewter, a form often found in inkwells and sanders. Common in English pewter; rare in American pewter. A salt in the general form of a capstan; in use c 1675-1700. Cartouche. A scroll-like label that may contain the pewterer's name, place or city, Hard Metal, London, or other words. See Pewter Marks.
Undiluted paint used straight from the container.
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Capsule Capture
Computer-Aided Planned Stowage and Networking system.
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Parts Captain People
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an engine for raising weights