Definitions for "Caps"
A set percentage by which an interest rate or monthly payment can change in an ARM, ither at each adjustment or over the life of the mortgage.
Caps limit the amount the interest rate or payment may change at each adjustment (or during the life of the loan) on an ARM loan.
Caps (interest) is when there is a limit on an adjustable rate loan that the interest rate cannot exceed.
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fat or skinny the nozzle on the can that creates a thick or thin line of paint.
(Fat, skinny, German thin) Interchangeable spray-can nozzles fitted to paint can to vary width of spray.
Identification caps with plastic ear guards and visible numbers must be worn by all players. Visiting teams wear white caps in high school and college games. Home team wears white under international rules. Goalkeeper's caps must be red or quartered with two contrasting colors.
identification caps with plastic ear guards and visible numbers worn by all players. One team wears white, and the other wears dark. Goalkeepers' caps must be red.
an extremely potent all-natural formula that helps support a healthy prostate
a potent cardiovascular and endurance enhancer
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The Caps (Mössorna) were a political faction during the Age of Liberty (1719-1772) in Sweden. The primary rivals of the Caps were known as the Hats. The Hats are actually responsible for the Caps' name, as it comes from a contraction of Night-cap, a name used to suggest that the Caps were the soft and timid party.
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These were tiny cup like devices the size of a pencil eraser that would explode when struck hard by the hammer of the gun. One cap would be placed upon each nipple to fire the main charge of powder. These were a HUGE improvement over the earlier days of firearms that used a separate tiny charge of powder in a pan that was ignited by a rotating wheel striking on flint
Caps is a popular drinking game involving two cups of beer, two teams (either one-on-one or doubles), and beercaps.
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Refers to a family of molded body panels used on many of today? motorhomes. Often they are constructed of fiberglass, but in some cases caps or other body panel may be composed of ABS, RTM, RIM, or SMC construction. Sometimes they are in upper and lower sections; hence the term "roof cap."
Anything used to go over an existing piece, like joints between two handrails, or the cap of a wall, etc.
1. Computerized Automated Parts Program. Mitsubishi's computer parts database. 2. Short for Capacitor. Commonly refers to the capacitors on the ECU that tend to leak over time.
Counseling And Psychological Services is the unit dedicated to helping you sort out anything that's troubling you. Staffed with professional psychologists, CAPS can also test you for learning disabilities. Location: Redfern Health Center.
3-[cyclohexylamino]-1-propane-sulfonic acid; buffer for pH range 9.7-11.1.
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A cap is a form of headgear. Caps are generally soft, and often have no brim, or just a peak (like on a baseball cap).
Remnants of deciduous premolar teeth that are left behind when the permanent premolars erupt.
Combined Actuarial Performance Services Ltd. Independent performance measurement service widely used by pooled funds to compare the performance of the portfolio manager.
Collateral Credit Credit Scoring System
Commission Credit Bureau Credit-related Insurance
Collateral Credit Bureau Credit-related Insurance
The Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) is a National Association of Home Builders designation. The CAPS professional is trained in the remodeling needs for individuals that want to remain in their home independently, safely, and comfortably. The CAPS specializes in barrier-free living environments.
Acronym]. Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy.
The metal reinforcement at the non-blade end of a knife handle.
Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey
Competitive Access Providers. A company that provides telephone service in competition with the monopoly provider. Cable may be a CAP or the term may be applied to second cable companies.
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a must-have supplement for you
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A term used for metal or molded closures.
Canadian Association for Professional Speakers
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Child Abuse Prevention Services
Clinical Assessment Protocols
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Abbreviation for capitals
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Places a ceiling on the price rise above a certain level protecting the buyer
Center For Advanced Purchasing Studies
International appearances.
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Captive finance company Caput
capsula capsule