Definitions for "Cappelletti"
Keywords:  hat, pasta, stuffed, dough, cheese
A ring-like band of stuffed pasta with a peaked point in front and a pinch in the back. Different fillings are used to stuff cappelletti, but the two most typical are a delicate meat purée or cheese. This delicious pasta is usually served in meat broth or in tomato sauce.
kap-peh-LEHT-tee] Small, stuffed squares of pasta, similar to ravioli. The stuffing is usually ground meat, but can also be made from cheese or vegetables. The name is taken from the plural of the Italian word cappelletto, which means "little hat."
small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings
a defensive method against opposing one-notrump openings (double = penalty; two clubs = one-suiter with suit unspecified; two diamonds = majors; two of a major = that major and an unspecified minor); sometimes called Hamilton.
Cappelletti (often misspelled Cappeletti, also called Hamilton and Pottage) is bridge convention used for interventions over opponents' 1NT opening. Its invention is usually attributed to Mike Cappelletti, but origin of the concept is also claimed by Fred Hamilton, John Pottage and Gerald Helms.