Definitions for "CaPo "
Keywords:  fret, clamp, guitar, barre, fingerboard
A simple device that clamps on an instrument neck to raise the pitch of all the strings at once.
a device clamped to the strings with a screw, elastic or spring mechanism. It holds the strings across any of the lower fret positions enabling open strings on higher fret positions to be played. They also lower the action.
A clamp that puts a barre across the strings and makes the guitar's scale shorter, Raising the pitch of familiar chord fingering.
the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate
a made member who has earned the right to supervise other made members
a ranking officer of a crime family that reports directly to a Boss or Under Boss
CaPo is a simple redirector for Squid which is helpful for creating a captive portal. When a client connects the first time, capo redirects this first request to a selectable destination. Following requests will pass unchanged until a configurable timeout is reached. CaPo is based on Squirm by Chris Foote & Wayne Piekarski.
Canadian Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists.
Jews who worked inside the death camps. Their tasks including transporting victims of gassing to the ovens, cleaning the gas chambers of human excrement and blood, removal of gold from the teeth of the victims, shaving the heads of those going to the gas chambers.
a very useful device especially if you're a singer