Definitions for "Cane"
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A name given to several peculiar palms, species of Calamus and Dæmanorops, having very long, smooth flexible stems, commonly called rattans.
Any plant with long, hard, elastic stems, as reeds and bamboos of many kinds; also, the sugar cane.
Stems of other plants are sometimes called canes; as, the canes of a raspberry.
Glass rod or cane, is produced by slowly and steadily drawing a piece of glass from a molten pot of raw glass, or by heating and drawing out a block of glass that can have complex patterns inside. The cane is cut to lengths, or in slices, for use in glassblowing.
A technique, originally adapted from glass, where a design is constructed using long rods of clay so that the design runs lengthwise through the log or block. This allows for identical slices of the same design. Canes can also be reduced or made smaller so that you can get the same design or pattern in a smaller slice.
Long thin pieces of glass, usually round, usually colored, used to build millefiori and murrini and as rods to decorate glass. The simplest cane is made by heating glass and pulling, the only trick being the rate of pulling to get a long rod of even diameter. The rod may be several yards/meters long. 1/8" to 1/4" (3-6 mm) is a common size. If color is coated with clear and then pulled, a thin rod of color is inside the thicker of clear. If several of these rods are bundled and twisted as they are pulled a spiral pattern is created used in latticino. Cane may have the center core molded, say into a heart, then cased, the colors remaining separate when pulled. A pattern cane may be built then surrounded with other patterns, say petals, and pulled to make a flower pattern or a more complicated picture. Millefiori is a form of cane, cut off in short pieces, figured like small flowers. Murrini are pictures made in glass, usually sliced very thin.
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A walking stick; a staff; -- so called because originally made of one of the species of cane.
a stick that people can lean on to help them walk
a device intended for medical purposes that is used to provide minimal weight support while walking
Zoran Kostić (Зоран Костић) (born August 17, 1964 in Belgrade) widely known by his nickname Cane (pronounced ) is the vocalist for Serbian punk group Partibrejkers. With his trademark nasal voice, narrative singing style and distant attitude he is one of the more recognizable figures on the Serbian music scene.
Cane (surname unknown at present) (born Phillip Foster) is a fictional character in the American soap opera The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Australian actor Daniel Goddard since January 12th, 2007 (US airdate).
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a visual accessory, like a watch, or a tie, or a jacket, or jewelry, or hairstyling
A straight black cane with white tips on both ends. Traditionally carried when wearing "white tie and tails". Usually accompanied by white gloves and a top hat.
a plant that grows in wetlands along rivers; they were used as torches by prehistoric explorers of Mammoth Cave; remnant of used torches are still found in the cave.
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A lance or dart made of cane.
An elongated psuedobulb, usually used when describing Dendrobiums.
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See Murini Cane
A local European measure of length. See Canna.
a cylinder of colored materials fashioned with a continuous pattern throughout its length
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A long, narrow pseudobulb, usually having many joints or nodes.
a stiff switch used to hit students as punishment
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To beat with a cane.