Definitions for "Cancellation Period"
A cooling off period after the purchase of certain investment products. During the period the purchaser can change his or her mind about going ahead, and opt to have any initial payments repaid. Does not apply to "off the page" purchases. See "Cooling off Period".
The Consumer Credit Act provides a period of time after signing a contract during which customers are entitled to cancel their purchase of some financial products, in certain circumstances.
If within 14 days of opening your account, you decide that it is not the most suitable C&G account for your needs, you can switch your investment to another C&G account. (Or, if there is not a more suitable C&G account, we can return your investment plus interest to you.) If you wish to do either of these, you must tell us within the 14 day 'cancellation' period. You will not have to pay any penalty. This does not apply to the Fixed Rate Bond.