Definitions for "Canard"
1) a small, forward-mounted wing, usually between the sponsons and often adjustable for trim, either by pivoting about a lateral axis or by hinged or sliding flaps on the trailing edge; also "foreplane" or "noseplane" in aeronautical terms; 2) a reverse three-point (actually four-point) hull configuration, a "tricycle," with two sponsons aft and a planing shoe forward.
An aircraft or aircraft configuration having its horizontal stabilizing and control surfaces in front of the wing or wings
Small fixed or variable wings in front of the main wings.
An extravagant or absurd report or story; a fabricated sensational report or statement; esp. one set afloat in the newspapers to hoax the public.
a deliberately misleading fabrication
a false or misleading story, and, when politicians want to increase taxes, false and misleading stories become the order of the day