Definitions for "camE "
Keywords:  brass, zinc, grooves, stained, panes
A slender rod of cast lead, with or without grooves, used, in casements and stained-glass windows, to hold together the panes or pieces of glass.
Lead strips grooved on both sides that hold pieces of stained glass in place.
A narrow lead strip used to secure small panes of glass in latticed windows; often found in 16th-century houses, as well as in modern homes in the style known as Stockbroker Tudor.
Keywords:  xawtv, imlib, antialised, grabber, scp
camE is a Webcam grabber designed for video4linux devices. It is based on the xawtv webcam app, but extended to use imlib2 for applying antialised, blended truetype fonts to the image before upload. A large number of new options have been added including scp support , image archiving, and much more. It runs as a daemon and needs no X connection to operate.
meat; came macinata: ground meat, hamburger carote: carrots
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imp. of Come.
Conference of Allied Ministers of Education
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Civil Aviation Medical Examiner