Definitions for "Call to Action"
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Something like a commercial within an infomercial "show." Several are spaced throughout the production to display price and/or installment payment terms, special "act now" promotional incentives and ordering information, all usually couched in an air of urgency to stimulate immediate response.
Segment of an infomercial that asks for the order. Each infomercial CTA is usually two minutes long and reviews the products main features and benefits, states the products' guarantee, price, toll free number, etc.
The segments of an infomercial program that specially motivate the customer to call and order the product. Usually two to three minutes long and reviewing the product's main features and benefits. It also states the products' guarantee, price, send check to address, toll free number, credit cards accepted, etc.
An explicit suggestion in persuasive writing or speech that encourages the reader or listener to take a specific action.
The written equivalent of the sales close, the call to action incites the prospect to take a specific action in exchange for a specific offer. While it’s one of the most important elements of a marketing piece, it’s also frequently neglected and/or insufficiently considered.
The intended response a web site owner wishes site visitors to take when they view a web page. Various calls to action include order, purchase, subscribe, download, and click here.
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a Call - Amazines
an activity requested of a consumer. Attempt to close a sale. Examples include buying a product, completing a survey, or subscribing to an online newsletter.
The sales term for the message that causes the prospective customer to do something that closes a sale or gets them closer to a sale. Web pages that ask you to add to cart" or 'sign up for an e-mail newsletter" contain calls to action.
a proven copywriting technique that can substantially increase your internet sales
an advertising/selling term for telling your audience what you would like them to do
a very simple word or phrase that tells your potential bidder what they should do next
A marketing and sales device that tells the customer how to take the next step towards a purchase or execute an activity; often uses an imperative verb.
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a huge shot in the keester for hard-core inertia
an invitation for your prospective clients to actively engage you in some way- directly or indirectly
an obvious way to measure ROI
a way to get you prospect to sign your contract
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a policy paper from the Natl
a Call Email marketing that gets sales
A link, which when clicked on sends the user to a different page, typically an online form page, or other page where the user inputs information.
Method for obtaining a desired response in a marketing communication. In an email offer letter, it is usually a hyperlink with the message “Click Here”.
a clear, compelling statement of your offer, urging the user to accept it
a request for the user to do something
Words in the e-mail that entice recipients to do something.
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a statement on the page that says "Call today" and gives a phone number or is a link that points someone to a web form
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a powerful selling tool
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a Call is good