Definitions for "Call numbers"
Keywords:  dewey, shelve, decimal, shelf, congress
A part of the registration process is the use of a call number. Each course is assigned a call number specific for that course and that term. A typical schedule of courses will list courses by 1) Call Number; 2) Area; 3) Course Number; 4) Section Number; 5) Course Title; 6) Credit Hours; 7) Scheduled Times; 8) Days of Class Meetings; 9) Instructor; and 10) Room Number.
a combination of numbers or letters and numbers that indicates the address or location of an item in the library. Materials in the library are organized by call number into specific groups according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. The Gulf Coast Community College Library uses LC call numbers which combines letters and numbers like PQ 1756 .I15 1990.
The identifying number given to each book acquired by the library. Every ITEM in the library, with very few exceptions, has a call number. Call numbers begin with letters which stand for a specific subject category and indicate the item's location on the shelf, much like an address identifies a building's location on the street.