Definitions for "Call Number"
Keywords:  dewey, shelve, shelf, congress, decimal
A call number is a unique number composed of letters and numbers assigned to each item in the library based on the subject of the item. Of less importance in small libraries since most journals are shelved in alphabetical order, but the call number is useful for organizing circulation cards (if you do not have an online circulation system).
A unique combination of letters and numbers given to each item which is used to group materials by subject on the shelves. The Library of Congress System ("LC call number") and Superintendent of Documents Call Numbers are the predominant ones used at UNL, but some materials use Dewey Decimal call numbers or other systems. Use the Love Call Number Locator to find the call number shelving areas in Love Library by clicking on the word "Love" in the location box of the catalog record or to the CYT Building Maps for shelving locations in the CY Thompson Library by clicking on "CYT" in the location box.
A unique identifying code for each title in the records of a library. This number matches the number on a volume, usually on the spine. Books are arranged on the shelves by this number.