Definitions for "California Public Utilities Commission"
The agency headquartered in San Francisco that regulates investor-owned telecommunications, electric, natural gas, water, railroad, rail transit and passenger transportation companies based in California. The CPUC does not regulate municipal (city-owned) utilities. The CPUC is chartered by the State of California to assure consumers have safe, reliable utility service at reasonable rates. It is also charged with protecting consumers from fraud and promoting the health of California's economy. The governor appoints five commissioners, who must be confirmed by the State Senate, for six-year staggered terms. The governor appoints one of the five to serve as commission president.
An agency of the State of California that regulates public utilities, including investor-owned electric utilities, private water companies, phone companies, railroads, trucking companies, private bus companies and other private transit companies. Click here to visit the CPUC's web site.
The state agency that regulates the rates and services of natural gas, electric, water, steam, pipeline, sewer, telephone, cellular and radio telephone, and telegraph utilities as well as trucking, railroad, airline, moving and privately-owned bus companies.