Definitions for "Calico"
Plain white cloth made from cotton, but which receives distinctive names according to quality and use, as, super calicoes, shirting calicoes, unbleached calicoes, etc.
Cotton cloth printed with a figured pattern.
1. Small repeated print design on cotton, usually a floral. 2. Cheaper fabric, usually used for testing patterns. Not necessarily floral. General sewing term. Also see muslin.
Made of, or having the appearance of, calico; -- often applied to an animal, as a horse or cat, on whose body are large patches of a color strikingly different from its main color.
American term for a tortoiseshell and white cat.
The American term for a Tortie-and-White cat.
Girl Scouts of Frontier Council's primitive campsite located in the Calico Basin area west of Las Vegas.
Keywords:  cffc, leo, tonnes, payload, stay
A short stay LEO vehicle capable of carrying 9 people or 2 tonnes of payload, proposed by CFFC
Mixture of colours and reflective qualities