Definitions for "Cal"
(n) - Cyberathletic Amateur League. Organized group of Counter-Strike nerds that get together and play league matches against one another for gaming recognition. "That guy is so good he must be in CAL" (n) - Hacks "BRB I'm gonna go put CAL on" (v) - To kill or be killed by an opponent, whether or not you are a member of CAL "Did you see me cal that guy with a Mac10?" (adj) - To be a good enough player to be thought to be in CAL "SuperMan Glocked that guy from across the map. He is so cal."
Cyberathlete Amateur League. a large online electronic sports league operated by the Cyberathlete Professional League that allows players to test their skills against each other in a variety of multiplayer games, usually in the first-person shooter category
"Cal" is a 1983 novel by Bernard Mac Laverty, detailing the experiences of a young Irish Catholic named Cal, who is involved with the IRA. Through the course of the book, Cal must come to terms with taking part in the murder of a reserve police officer by his friend Crilly, an operation for which he was the getaway driver, while at the same time trying to fend off the murderous anti-Republican "Orangemen". Making things even worse, Cal finds himself falling in love with the slain man's wife, Marcella.
Client Access License for Microsoft Server products.
Calibration Access Layer
Client Access License. CALs are required for each desktop or user that is accessing a Windows Server, Windows Terminal Services, Exchange, SQL, SMS, SharePoint Portal Server, Office Live Comm Server, and Project Server. Per Processor licenses are available for many of the above products as an alternative licensing method. When do you need a CAL? Microsoft has good discussion of this topic at: Look for "Server Customer Guide" You might also download the "Product Use Rights" which are the final word on license terms under the volume licensing programs.
Name of the athletic teams in Berkeley. CAL is often used a susbtitution of "U.C. Berkeley".
University of California at Berkeley
Comités d'Action Lycéens (High-School Action Committees)
Patent CooperationTreaty Committee for Administrative and Legal Affairs
An affectionate short-hand term used by collectors of California Small Denomination Gold. NOTE: A geniune Cal always shows the word, "DOLLAR" or "CENT" (or any variation of either word).
"Cal" is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov, and has been included in Gold.
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To print a calender for a month or a year This is a handy little program when you need to find out the days in a month or anything that requires having a calendar close by. Typing "cal" by itself will output the current month of the current year. Typing "cal some year" will give the entire years calender month and days. For example "cal 1999" would give you Jan thru Dec of the year 1999. You can also get a specific month/year by doing "cal 10 1999". This would give you Oct 1999. To compare the same month from different years you could do "cal 10 1999 && cal 10 2000". This would give you the output of Oct 1999 and Oct 2000.
Unix that prints an ASCII calendar of the given month or year. If the user does not specify any options, cal will print a calendar of the current month.
cium carbonate—CACO3, a widely distributed compound occurring in nature as limestone and marble as well as being a component of invertebrate exoskeletons.
State Fullerton. (2000). the ADDIE Instructional Design Model. Retrieved from the Internet February 28, 2003.
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Buffalo, NY, USA
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Wolfram, an ore of tungsten.
Content Assmebling Language
Common Application Language -- A command language used by CEBus devices to communicate with one another, allocating communication resources and exercising control (such as reading meters or closing valves). CAL provides a basic language manufacturers may use to communicate with other devices on the network. (4)
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Cal iber. The diameter of a gun, expressed in inches (e.g., a .30 caliber machine gun fires bullets .3" in diameter).
Center for Army Leadership
Center for Applied Linguistics
Colorado Association of Libraries
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Calligraphic style in math mode
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Clinical Attachment Level
Clinical Attachment Loss
Abbreviation for calories (imperial unit for energy).
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Matching a previous bet.
l - making a bet equal to the previous bet
cal display a calendar
cal displays a simple calender. It is not a internal shell command.
Displays a calendar 1096
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Copyright Agency Limited
Commercial Accommodation and Letting (a section within the Properties & Services Department).
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Can application layer
calibrate; calibration