Definitions for "Caisson"
Keywords:  watertight, sunk, rebar, pier, patio
A water-tight box, of timber or iron within which work is carried on in building foundations or structures below the water level.
A hollow floating box, usually of iron, which serves to close the entrances of docks and basins.
A structure, usually with an air chamber, placed beneath a vessel to lift or float it.
A chest to hold ammunition.
A four-wheeled carriage for conveying ammunition, consisting of two parts, a body and a limber. In light field batteries there is one caisson to each piece, having two ammunition boxes on the body, and one on the limber.
A chest filled with explosive materials, to be laid in the way of an enemy and exploded on his approach.
Keywords:  hearse, coffins, funerals, drawn, horse
a horse-drawn hearse used to carry coffins during funerals
Cantilever Cast-Iron Pipe Caulking Cement Chalk Line
a large metal vessel filled with compressed air, within which people are able to work in tunnelling or bridge-building projects)