Definitions for "Caboose"
Keywords:  crummy, freight, trainmen, van, bobber
A car used on freight or construction trains as travelling quarters for brakemen, workmen, etc.; a tool car. It usually is the last car of the train.
A freight-train car usually attached to the rear of a train for the use of trainmen in giving and receiving signals, handling car records and performing other duties.
the car at the end of the train where workers rode and rested.
Keywords:  galley, ship, deck, cooking, old
A house on deck, where the cooking is done; -- commonly called the galley.
a ship's galley
the area for food preparation on a ship
Private Michael J. Caboose is a main fictional character in Rooster Teeth Productions' machinima comic science fiction video series Red vs. Blue.
Keywords:  hut, stove, skis, sleeps, four
small hut on skis that sleeps four people and has a stove in it for heat