Definitions for "Cables"
Wires or bundles of wires configured with connectors at each end and used to connect two or more hardware devices.
There are front and rear brake cables, and front and rear derailleur cables. They run thru cable guides.
Steel wires braided into cables and sometimes covered with a plastic coating. Cables are used to connect the brake levers to the brakes.
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Cables Kabel
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The metal cords fastened to the mouth of the envelope which are used to attach it to the basket (a part of the balloon system)
1/4 inch: Unbalanced cable most often used for instruments and patch cords. TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve): Balanced cable that has 3 different contacts on its 1/4 inch connectors (headphone jacks are an example) XLR: Balanced cable used for low impedance
CD-ROM CGA contact cleaning Cramistab
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Aircraft cable, steel cable, flat flex cable, push pull cables, conduit, reels and welding cable manufacturers.
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Used for cable bracing. Can also be used to operate ridge vent dampers and for temporary bracing. See Brace Cables.
Communications usually in code; order to pay money, sent abroad over transoceanic cable lines or by wireless
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