Definitions for "Bytes"
A collection of 8 bits Bytes are simple 8 bits of data bundled together into a collection entric Centrally Focussed Traditional VPN based and H.323 VoIP telephony relies upon a central focus on hardware to create the circuits and networks that the packetised voice data is transmitted
A unit of information used by most computers to represent a character such as a letter, number, or typographic symbol including punctuation and spaces (e.g., "g", "5" or "?"). Home / Support Centre / Glossary of Terms
A measurement of the amount of digitally stored or carried information, used to measure memory and document size. To be precise a byte is a grouping of binary digits representing information, a set of 8 bits making up a manageable unit of memory. The capacity of a floppy disk is measured in kilobytes (KB) (one kilobyte = 1024 bytes) and a hard disk in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB) (one megabyte = 1024 kilobytes). A high capacity hard disk is necessary for those who wish to store numerous image (or similar memory-hungry) files but less necessary for those working solely on text documents; it will not significantly affect performance. It is the RAM capacity of a computer that affects the speed and efficiency of the machine. 32 megabytes of RAM is usually adequate for most simple computing tasks.
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Bytes is a music album by IDM artists Black Dog Productions, which was released in 1993 and later re-released in 2005. Black Dog Productions consisted of Ed Handley, Andy Turner (who later became Plaid) and Ken Downie (who continued as the Black Dog). All three collaborated on the album under various guises and combinations.
The quantity of network bandwidth used by the files requested during the selected date range.
The number of bytes sent on behalf of a file. This number is not necessarily just the numer of valid requests multiplied by the size of the file, because often, when a request is made, the server tells the browser to use the previously downloaded copy of the file that is presently stored in the browser's cache. In that case, the server actually returns 0 bytes for a valid request.
The amount of information transferred in filling those requests.
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The size of the file served to the user.
a fixed-size header