Definitions for "Byte"
A byte is composed of 8 bits or "on-off" signals. You can think of a byte as being the computer representation for a letter, like "A," a number like "7," or an instruction to multiply two numbers, like "3 * 6." For the purposes of creating a Web site, the number of bytes will measure the size of your site in terms of disk space. For instance, if your Web hosting plan allows you to publish a 2 MB (Megabytes or million bytes) Web site, then essentially it can be made up of 2 million characters or instructions.
Equal to 8 bits, one Byte of data is the standard unit of measure on the Internet. Each Byte represents one character (such as a letter or number). Often you will see terms like KiloByte (KB), which is one thousand Bytes, or MegaByte (2 MB or 2 Megs), one million Bytes, or GigaByte (e.g., 2 GB or 2 Gigs) which is one billion Bytes. Now you may even see the term TeraByte, which represents one trillion Bytes
A group of bits, usually eight, handled as a unit, that stores a piece of information such as a character. Computer memory is measured in bytes; "64K" means a computer has 64 kilobytes (64,000 bytes) or 512,000 bits of memory.
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a magazine about PCs.
Byte magazine was an influentual microcomputer magazine in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, because of its wide-ranging editorial coverage. Whereas many magazines from the mid-1980s to date have been dedicated to the Wintel platform or the Mac, mostly from a business user's perspective, Byte covered developments in the entire field of "small computers and software", and sometimes included in-depth features on other computing fields as well, such as supercomputers and high-reliability computing.
The Byte is a cat rigged dinghy sailboat. It is produced by PS2000 in North America, and was previously produced by Topper Sailboats in the UK. However, Topper have ceased production of GRP boats to concentrate on its rotomolded plastic designs, leaving the class in search of a new builder.
a primitive type capable of the values -128 to 127.
The Java Object representing a byte primitive.
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A measurement of information on a hard drive, floppy disk or RAM.
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extends interface static void
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