Definitions for "Bylaw"
Keywords:  byelaw, whitby, danelaw, viking, derby
A bylaw (sometimes also spelt by-law or byelaw) was originally the Viking town law in the Danelaw. Contrary to popular etymology the element by has nothing to do with the preposition by. It is the Old Norse word for larger settlement as in Whitby and Derby (compare with the modern Danish-Norwegian word "by" meaning town, or the modern Swedish word "by", meaning village).
a standing rule governing the regulation of the internal affairs of a corporation or organization
a rule made by a local authority to regulate its own affairs
a rule or guide to help in the smooth and efficient management of the Society
A law passed by a municipality, corporation or the like for its internal governance.
a piece of legislation that a city or municipality enacts through its Council
A law made by a municipal government.