Definitions for "Buttons"
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A set of buttons is associated with each type of document. There are two rows of icons under the menu in an ArcView GUI. The upper row of the icons are buttons, the others are tools. Buttons allow the user to execute a program script that is associated with the button’s click event. In most cases, the buttons are simply provided to allow quick access to commonly used menu choices.
You click on them onscreen to activate a command. If one is bordered with a heavy border, or selected with a rectangle around its name, then you can push Enter or Return instead of clicking on it to activate it.
Graphic or photo objects (of any size) that can link to other Scenes, Objects or Projects. To create a Button, press CTRL/COMMAND while dragging one or more files into MovieWorks, or use Object-Import-Button and select an image, or click the Button icon on Main Tools palette to create a Button.
A boy servant, or page, -- in allusion to the buttons on his livery.
Buttons is the name of a character in the Cinderella pantomime. Buttons is the servant of Cinderella's stepfather, Baron Hardup, and is Cinderella's friend.
Buttons are a circular accessory, an ideal embellishment for pelmets, cushions and couches.
The traditional kind from your cardigan has been joined by acrylic buttons designed for crafters. Now available in a wide variety of colours (some semi-transparent), as well as shapes such as flowers. Used to accent and embellish cards, scrapbooks and craft projects.
Buttons (formerly also known as Cadbury's Buttons, now known as Dairy Milk Buttons) are flat, circular, button-shaped chocolate pieces sold in small packs in the UK by Cadbury's since 1960.
"Buttons" is a song written by Sean Garrett, Jamal Jones, Jason Perry and Nicole Scherzinger for The Pussycat Dolls' debut album PCD (2005). Released as the album's fourth single, the song became their fourth top three single on the UK and their second top three single on the US.
To dream of sewing bright shining buttons on a uniform, betokens to a young woman the warm affection of a fine looking and wealthy partner in marriage. To a youth, it signifies admittance to military honors and a bright career. Dull, or cloth buttons, denotes disappointments and systematic losses and ill health. The loss of a button, and the consequent anxiety as to losing a garment, denotes prospective losses in trade.
Found on the front of all slots. Press them to interact with the machine
Glass buttons were mostly pressed, but ones have been made in the form of small paperweights (AG-M p.411) and beads have been used as buttons. May have thru holes or a nub at the back with a sideways hole thru it.
small banner ads (p. 273)
An advertisement on a Web site that is similar to a small banner. Buttons are usually square-shaped and located in the lower corners on a Web page. Buttons can simple contain an advertiser's message, link the user to the advertiser's Web site or to a microsite. (see Microsite)
Pearlised on all Classic shirts. Sea Island shirts have real Mother of Pearl buttons. Cross and lock stitched. Button-down Collar Collar points are buttoned-down to the shirt.
May refer to cartilage or dorsal processes of the thoracic vertebrae.
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Buttons on the computer and the internet are just the same as regular buttons on a microwave, VCR or anything. Push them and they do something. A few examples of buttons on a computer are 'play,' 'home,' 'cancel' and 'OK.'
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There are several types of buttons such as a Reset or Clear button at the bottom of a form. Another type of button is a hover button, this button can change when a user moves the mouse over the button.
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white spots on the belly
a representation for a set of n boolean inputs
Rectangular shapes used to activate functions on a Web Page or in a program, such as a Form's "Submit" Button. They may be identified by an Image or text.
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These are graphic links-they can be in the form of images or text.