Definitions for "Buttery"
A cellar in which butts of wine are kept.
Wines that contain quite a bit of lactic acid have overtones of cream or butter. The taste is more noticeable in white wines like Chardonnay.
Botelerie (Middle English)] Room for the service of beverages. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 225) Storeroom for wine and other beverages. (Kenyon, John R. Medieval Fortifications, 211) Related terms: Castle
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A room in some English colleges where liquors, fruit, and refreshments are kept for sale to the students.
The place to go for the important things in life: food and drink. Located on the ground floor of the Hilda Besse building, this is the site of fabulous lunches, the late bar and college parties.
In the Middle Ages, a buttery was a storeroom for liquor, the name being derived from the Latin and French words for bottle or, to put the word into its simpler form a butt, that is, a cask. Over time, the buttery became a general food storeroom, and in particular the larders of Oxbridge colleges where students would purchase food and drink.
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Hints of butter or butterscotch scent
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Buttress Chemise wall
a teashop where students in British universities can purchase light meals
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Opposite the Hall. Collect and pay (using your University Card) for your self-service food here.
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An apartment in a house where butter, milk and other provisions are kept.
Having the qualities, consistence, or appearance, of butter.