Definitions for "Buttering"
Keywords:  trowel, mortar, masonry, ceramic, tile
1. The application of joint compound, also known as mud, in a series of thin coats, to drywall panels. 2. Application of a layer of weld metal alloy to metal surfaces before the joint is welded so that the alloy in the weld zone is not diluted by the base metal being welded. 3. Applying mortar to brick or block prior to seeing it in position.
Placing mortar on stone with a trowel before setting into place.
in masonry, coating the brick or stone partially with mortar before laying it.
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Spinning either 180 or 360 degrees with your weight entirely on the tip or tail of the ski/snow board. This move is often used to gain small amounts of air in order to pop up onto a rail, tabletop or jump. It is also used by adolescent boys trying to prove that they are jibbers or to impress girls before getting in line for the lift. Please note that this is different than an ollie or a nollie only in the fact that it is done with a spin – it is more of a technique then a trick.
In glazing, application of sealant or compound to the flat surface of some member before placing the member in position, such as the buttering of a removable stop before fastening the stop in place.
Placing Latex on the edge of a carpet to prevent raveling.
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See Back-Butter.