Definitions for "Bushing"
The operation of fitting bushes, or linings, into holes or places where wear is to be received, or friction diminished, as pivot holes, etc.
A simple suspension bearing that accommodates limited rotary motion, typically made of two coaxial steel tubes bonded to a sleeve of rubber between them. The compliance of the bushing in different directions has a great effect on ride harshness and handling.
Any removable metal lining, generally a thin metal ring surrounding a part to provide either a bearing surface or a tighter fit than direct machining could achieve.
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Hollow, threaded cylinder which is used to link larger and smaller pipes together by increasing an outside diameter or decreasing an inside diameter, for a better fit.
device used to adapt a pipe, fitting, faucet or valve to a threaded opening of a larger size. Has internal & external threads
n: 1. a pipe fitting on which the external thread is larger than the internal thread to allow two pipes of different sizes to be connected. 2. a removable lining or sleeve inserted or screwed into an opening to limit its size, resist wear or corrosion, or serve as a guide. Site Preparation | Drilling | Well Completion | Servicing | Plug and Abandon Well General Safety | Additional References | JSA | Site Map | Illustrated Glossary | Glossary of Terms
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a non moving guide that contains a fixed hole
Platinum and rhodium alloy plate with several hundred holes, from which molten glass flows by gravity.
A component made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, used to locate or guide interconnected moving parts.
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A bush or lining; -- sometimes called a thimble. See 4th Bush.
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a component that allows electricity to enter an electrical device safely, preventing it from going to ground or shorting to another phase