Definitions for "Bus"
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An omnibus.
A self-propelled rubber tired vehicle designed to carry a substantial number of passengers, commonly operated on streets and highways.
wiring that links parts of the hardware to each other; bus lines are used for transferring data.
The basic frame of a satellite system that includes the propulsion and stabilization systems but not the instruments or data systems.
The section of the satellite with components to support tracking, telemetry and control (TT&C), power systems, propulsion and control of the spacecraft.
The area of the satellite with components for support tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C), power systems, propulsion and control of the spacecraft.
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Any motor vehicle designed, constructed, and used for the commercial transportation of 15 or more passengers, including the driver.
A self-propelled rubber-tired vehicle that is not confined to a fixed guideway and is designed to transport a large number of persons, specifically to transport more than a limousine or van (i.e. at least 11 to 15 persons).
passenger motor vehicle or chassis having a seating capacity for more than 10 people.
Broadcast and Unknown Server - A server that forwards multicast, broadcast and unknown destination address traffic to the LECs attached to the Emulated LAN.
broadcast and unknown server. Multicast server used in ELANs that is used to flood traffic addressed to an unknown destination, and to forward multicast and broadcast traffic to the appropriate clients. See also ELAN.
Broadcast and unknown server. On an ATM network, part of the multicast server (MCS) software that provides broadcast service for each virtual LAN.
French ] in the stage that competes with, group of slow trepadores lazy behind in a mountain, mounting next to the end within the time limit; also grupetto, and group that laughs
Common conduit for message based communication between services. CCHIT Certification Commission for Health Information Technology formed by three leading healthcare organizations to create an efficient, impartial and trusted mechanism for the to certify(ing) ambulatory electronic health records and other healthcare information technology (IT ) products.
A block printed cotton fabric produced in Turkestan used for bedcovers or horse blankets.
or busbar Main electrical system to which generator or battery power is supplied
A Heavy trace or conductive metal strip on the Printed Circuit Board used to distribute voltage and grounds to smaller branch traces.
A conductive surface used to transmit or electrical power to various user circuits.
A set of signals that are grouped together to enable information flow between two or more devices
Connector panel which allows passage of signals.
A string of text in a flowdiagram which represents a collection of signals in a digital system.
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Cheaper than a Plane
used on a television switcher, a row of buttons used to select a source of video material.
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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants
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India Enough
A mode of public transport that usually carries more than 50 people.
Common term for a transport aircraft
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