Definitions for "Burlap"
A coarse fabric, made of jute or hemp, used for bagging; also, a finer variety of similar material, used for curtains, etc.
a coarse cloth made of the fibers of the jute or hemp plants.
Coarse fabric made of hemp or jute.
"Anything is period if it’s wrapped in burlap" goes the old saying. The use of burlap as a shoddy shortcut to disguise non-period objects goes back to the early days of ren-faires. Tennis shoes and plywood buildings (even Frisbees for a joke) have been covered with burlap.
Sackcloth, used to protect steel wire rope and spansets when placed over a beam. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
Keywords:  visqueen, slab, newly, blanket, curing
Material often used to protect newly finished concrete from rain as well as maintaining moisture in a slab. See Visqueen and curing blanket.