Definitions for "Burdock"
Keywords:  arctium, lappa, eczema, gobo, hardy
A genus of coarse biennial herbs (Lappa), bearing small burs which adhere tenaciously to clothes, or to the fur or wool of animals.
with diuretic and orexigenic properties, used to treat cutaneous eruptions, rheumatism, gout, anorexia nervosa, and eczema.
A wild, hardy plant that grows throughout the United States. The long, dark root is highly valuable in macrobiotic cooking for its strengthening qualities. The Japanese name is gobo.
Bardock due to FUNimation's anime special, is a fictional character from the anime and manga Dragon Ball Z. He is a low-ranked saiyan warrior from the planet Vegeta. Burdock is the biological father of both Raditz, one of the early villains of the DBZ series, and Son Goku, the main character and hero of Dragon Ball.
Helps with systemic imbalances, helps promote kidney function
With its pink and purple flower heads, burdock is cultivated for medicinal use for help in caring for arthritis, measles and acne among many other ailments.