Definitions for "Bullet"
A missile, usually of lead, and round or elongated in form, to be discharged from a rifle, musket, pistol, or other small firearm.
The basic, most common unit of firepower in a shmup, usually refers to enemy weaponry but can also be used to describe the player's weapons, usually the vulcan. Usually appears as a brightly-colored or flashing circle, or “blob,” but its appearance varies greatly depending on the shmup in question, or even when it comes to individual enemies within a single shmup. Most varieties are indestructible. Sometimes the term “shot” or “fire” is used to describe bullets, but the previous terms are farther-reaching, referring to all types of offensive projectiles, while “bullet” is more specific.
The projectile discharged by a firearm. A so called lead bullet is composed of lead mixed with one or more hardening ingredients.
A typographic element for listing items in a publication. The bullet provides graphic interest on a page and helps the reader through the information.
a large black dot used to highlight something within some text
Small graphical elements used to set off items in a list. Instead of numbering each item in a list, you will often see small dots, dashes, arrows, squares, etc. to make each item in a list stand out from the other. These are called bullets.
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Bullet is a 1996 action crime drama starring Tupac Shakur, Mickey Rourke and Adrien Brody. The screenplay was written by Mickey Rourke and directed by Julien Temple. The film was released a month after Tupac's murder.
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Dreamt up by John Bettini, the first Bullet prototype was built in 1996 on a Mazda MX-5 chassis with a powerplant from a Mazda RX-7. After his company was purchased by Advanced Engine Components, his original dream of a Lexus V-8 powered MX-5 became reality. Two models were introduced in 2001, the Bullet Roadster and a supercharged version, called the SS.
Bullet is a free software physics engine, hosted at Sourceforge. It uses the zlib license, and is therefore free for commercial use. Its author, Erwin Coumans, previously worked for the Havok project.
The fetlock of a horse.
Bullet is the name of the mascot of the sports teams at Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, a black American quarter horse gelding. Bullet was introduced as an Oklahoma State tradition in 1984 by the late Dr. Eddy Finley as part of the Spirit Rider Program.
Bullet is fictional character. He serves as an agent of the United States Government who is assigned to perform covert activities. When Bullet was assigned on the behalf of Wilson Fisk to stage a terrorist act, but came into conflict with Daredevil.
The second single from debut album The Prize Recruit, a reworked version of a b-side from previous single Crank The System far exceeds the quality of it's original form in quality and sheer bombast. Bullet climbed the Top 40 charts and sustained a place as crowd favourite for years.
Name give to the appearance of truss-rod adjustor nut on the headstock of some Fender guitars.
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ASCA / SCRA Driver Bob Ream Jr.
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See: Shinkansen.
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Bullet was the first 7" EP, and second release, by the punk band The Misfits. It was self-produced and distributed on the band's own Plan 9 Records as catalog number PL1001. It was recorded in January of 1978 at C.I.
long-term maturity that has no amortization of principal prior to maturity.  Compare:  BALLOON MATURITY; SERIAL BONDS; TERM BONDS.
A security with a fixed maturity and no call feature.
Is a type of credit security which repays the entire principal on the maturity date. Prior to the maturity or prepayment of the bond, interest payments are to be made in accordance with the payment schedule. Treasury and Corporate bonds pay off in lump sum principal amounts whereas many mortgages pay off on an amortization basis.
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American device that grips a wire rope by spring loaded 'collet' jaws. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
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Bullet loan Cease and desist order
Individual air inlet for 1953 and early 1954 Corvettes.
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A small ball.
A cannon ball.
A ball thrown with extra speed; see also "bb" and "rocket".
Bullets are cylindrical shaped vibrators about the size of a man's thumb. They are usually inserted into the vagina or the anus, or are used in remote control panties or inside some classic vibrators. Non-remote varieties are attached by a wire to a battery pack, and many are adjustable to provide variable vibrations.
A tiny vibrator meant to be inserted in the vagina or anus.
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One year in county jail
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one year of prison time.
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Bullet loan backward integration
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Trading card used by a local on the floor of a futures exchange. Also called a "Chip".
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Repayment of debt in one amount at the end of a fixed period.